Invest in gold bullion Krugerrands - your hard currency alternative to cash.

SA Bullion is a firm that specializes in gold dealing, vaulting and investor services. The company offers Private and Institutional clients a world-class Krugerrand investment service outside of the banking system.

  • PURE

    Brand new Krugerrands minted from freshly-refined gold direct from South Africa's deep-level gold mines.

    No risk of counterfeit or contamination.


    Clients purchase physical Krugerrands from Rand Refinery, the agent of the South African Reserve Bank.

    Clients sell back to the Reserve Bank. No dealers, markets or complex technologies.


    Krugerrands in the vault are directly owned by the client and clients may redeem in cash or take delivery of their Krugerrands.

    No instruments or financial structures.

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